Criminal Record Expungement in Ohio

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In Ohio, the legal process to remove criminal convictions from your record is called expungement.  There are many benefits to pursuing expungement in Ohio and getting your criminal record expunged, including the ability to report to a potential employer that you do not have a criminal record.  Once your record has been expunged, it is as if you were never convicted of a crime.

In order to begin the process of expungement in Ohio, the Ohio expungement statute provides that an eligible offender may apply to the sentencing Ohio court for the sealing of his or her conviction record.  You can apply to seal the record three years following a felony conviction or one year following a misdemeanor conviction.  You should know, however, that not all crimes can be sealed or expunged from your record.  For example, most traffic violations and driver’s license violations cannot be expunged.    It is critical that you speak with an experienced Ohio expungement lawyer that knows how to navigate Ohio’s expungement process.

When an expungement is done correctly, it can remove obstacles to professional licenses and gainful employment.   If you would like to have your record expunged, speak to one of our Ohio expungement lawyers who can give you targeted advice about your the expungement process  in your case. 

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