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Driving in the Left Lane Violation



    UnderORC 4511.25 (“Lanes of Travel Upon Roadways of Sufficient Width”) and Columbus City Code Section 2131.01 (“Driving Upon Right-Side of Roadway”) –

    A car must drive on the right side of the road unless the driver is:

    • Passing another vehicle going in the same direction, or
    • Making a left turn.

    Columbus & Ohio’s Driving in the Left Lane Law

    Ohio’s right-lane statute – ORC 4511.25(B)(1) – says that if you are driving:

    • Under the speed limit (at “less than the prevailing and lawful speed of traffic”)
    • Then you must drive in the right-hand lane
    • Far enough to the right to allow passing by faster vehicles if such passing is safe and reasonable (RC 4511.25)
    • The Columbus ordinance (2131.01) says you must drive “as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway.”

    But you do NOT have to drive in the right-hand lane if:

    • The driver is passing another car in the direction; or
    • The driver is preparing for a left turn; or
    • The driver “must necessarily drive in a lane other than the right-hand lane to continue on the driver’s intended route.

    Violation is a minor misdemeanor (if no other tickets in the last year) carrying two points on the driver’s traffic record.