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Hilliard Marijuana Defense Attorney | Drug Paraphernalia

Hilliard Marijuana Possession &

Marijuana Paraphernalia Defense Attorney

Our Hilliard marijuana possession and paraphernalia defense attorneys defend clients in the Hilliard Mayor’s Court defending a clients facing marijuana drug possession and paraphernalia charges.

In most cases, if you are are facing a drug charge in Hilliard, you will be charged either under a local Hilliard City ordinance or under the Ohio Revised Code.

Our Hilliard marijuana defense lawyers defend clients in the Hilliard Mayor’s Court facing charges, including:


Hilliard Ordinance Section 513.03 

Under Hilliard’s drug abuse law, “No person shall knowingly obtain, possess or use a controlled substance or a controlled substance analog.”  Under Ohio law, marijuana is a controlled substance that falls under Hilliard’s drug abuse ordinance.  

Penalties for a Drug Abuse Conviction in Hilliard:

If convicted of marijuana possession in Hilliard, the following penalties would apply:

  • If the marijuana is less than 100 grams, it is a minor misdemeanor.  The penalty is a maximum $150 fine and no jail time. Also, the judge may suspend your driver’s license for six months to five years. 

  • If the marijuana is between 100 and 200 grams, it is a fourth degree misdemeanor.  The penalty is a maximum $250 fine and 30 days in jail.  Also, the judge may suspend your driver’s license for six months to five years.

Hilliard Marijuana Defense Attorney Drug Paraphernalia


Under Hilliard’s marijuana drug paraphernalia law states that “No person shall knowingly use, or possess with purpose to use, drug paraphernalia.”


“Drug paraphernalia” in Hilliard includes items such as:

      (1)   A scale or balance for weighing or measuring a controlled substance;

      (2)   A separation gin or sifter for cleaning or refining marihuana;

      (3)   A container or device for storing or concealing a controlled substance;

      (4)   A wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic or ceramic pipe, with or without a screen,

      (5)   A water pipe;

      (6)   A roach clip or similar object used to hold burning material, such as a marihuana cigarette, that has become too small or too short to be held in the hand.


Penalties for a Marijuana Drug Paraphernalia Conviction in Hilliard

Penalties for a conviction of marijuana drug paraphernalia in Hilliard include:

Defenses to Drug Abuse or Paraphernalia Charges in Hilliard

An experienced Hilliard marijuana attorney can examine the facts of your case and determine any defenses that could be raised in your case.  Examples of defenses to drug abuse or drug paraphernalia charges in Hilliard might include:

  • If the “drug” at issue is a prescription medication, it is a defense if you have a prescription from a licensed health professional.

  • Was the stop and search lawful?  If not, any marijuana, paraphernalia or other drugs found as a result of the search could be thrown out.

If you are facing a marijuana charge in the Hilliard Mayor’s Court, talk to our Hilliard marijuana defense attorney about possible defenses to your charges.  We offer free consultations and, if you decide to hire our firm, accept payment plans for qualifying clients.

Marijuana possession or paraphernalia convictions can not only mean fines and possible jail time, but can cause you to lose your driver’s license and can affect future employment prospects.  Talk to a Hilliard marijuana defense attorney about your options toward avoiding a marijuana drug charge on your record.