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The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures.  Generally, for a search to be considered constitutionally reasonable, the officer

OVI DUI Ohio Blood Test dismissed

In some OVI cases, officers will ask a suspect – or get a warrant – for a blood draw to

In one recent Columbus (Franklin County) OVI case, the driver was: in an accident, the officer noted a strong odor of

Given the increasing prevalence of prescription medication use, the number of “drugged driving” cases are on the rise.  These cases

In cases where a fine is imposed as part of a misdemeanor sentence, Ohio statutes allow that fine to be

In order to be convicted of driving under suspension, the Ohio BMV must have – at the very least –

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pfeifer recently wrote an informative article discussing State v. Romage, the recent Ohio Supreme Court case

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In another recent unconstitutional search and seizure case, an Ohio Court of Appeals has again affirmed that being in a

laser gun speeding attorney columbus

In order to establish speeding beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecutor must prove that: (1) the laser device is in

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Under Ohio law, if a police officer’s reason for continuing to detain a driver is unrelated to the original reason