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Ohio DUI / OVI Blog

Speeding ticket Radar columbus lawyer

We have seen several “judicial notice” speeding cases recently in the Ohio Courts of Appeals.  Most recently, the Fifth District

OVI Marked Lanes Violation attorney dismissed

Many of the OVI / DUI cases we see involve an allegation of a marked lanes violation.  In these cases,

When it comes to the reliability of laser or other speed devices, the court does not necessarily have to hear

driver consent to search of passenger purse ohio

The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures.  Generally, for a search to be considered constitutionally reasonable, the officer

OVI DUI Ohio Blood Test dismissed

In some OVI cases, officers will ask a suspect – or get a warrant – for a blood draw to

ovi field sobriety test instructions incomplete dismissed

In one recent Columbus (Franklin County) OVI case, the driver was: in an accident, the officer noted a strong odor of

ovi pain meds oxy dismissed ohio

Given the increasing prevalence of prescription medication use, the number of “drugged driving” cases are on the rise.  These cases

In cases where a fine is imposed as part of a misdemeanor sentence, Ohio statutes allow that fine to be

In order to be convicted of driving under suspension, the Ohio BMV must have – at the very least –

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pfeifer recently wrote an informative article discussing State v. Romage, the recent Ohio Supreme Court case