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Douglas Riddell Attorney

We received the good news yesterday that Attorneys Douglas Riddell and Bridget Purdue Riddell have been named yet again as

One recent Ohio commercial trucking case demonstrates the importance of details in defending against a criminal or traffic charge. Here,

In every OVI case, it is critical to examine the reason for the initial stop.  The police are required to

One of the most common traffic stops we see in OVI cases is marked lanes.   Marked lanes generally means

When a criminal or traffic case goes to trial, the prosecutor is required to prove ALL elements of the charged

There can be a fine line between what the law calls a “consensual” police encounter and an “investigative” stop by

A recent Ohio case tackled the issue of college parties and when the police can enter and search a home following

In a recent Ohio OVI case, the police cruiser video played a critical role in getting all OVI charges dismissed.  

In State v. Casey, 2014-Ohio-2586, the court threw out a possession of marijuana and paraphernalia charge based on the officer’s

The Columbus Dispatch reports that there will be an OVI checkpoint tonight along Route 23 in Delaware County. A drunken-driving