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backyard curtilage search illegal dismissed

In this case, police were conducting a “knock and talk” to discuss suspected drugs in the home.  The police did

yelling in car illegal traffic stop thrown out

Police generally need either a warrant or “reasonable suspicion” that a crime or traffic violation has occurred to pull over

underage drinking warrantless entry furnishing alcohol ohio

Underage drinking citations often arise during or following parties at private homes.  If an officer actually enters a home and

cell phone warrant search

The U.S. Supreme Court recently considered whether the police can search someone’s cell phone data after they have been arrested.

Douglas Riddell Attorney

We received the good news yesterday that Attorneys Douglas Riddell and Bridget Purdue Riddell have been named yet again as

overweight charge dismissed lack evidence ohio

One recent Ohio commercial trucking case demonstrates the importance of details in defending against a criminal or traffic charge. Here,

stop sign at or on the line mistake of law

In every OVI case, it is critical to examine the reason for the initial stop.  The police are required to

marked lanes dotted yellow line ohio ovi

One of the most common traffic stops we see in OVI cases is marked lanes.   Marked lanes generally means

When a criminal or traffic case goes to trial, the prosecutor is required to prove ALL elements of the charged

ovi flashlight illegal seizure police

There can be a fine line between what the law calls a “consensual” police encounter and an “investigative” stop by