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Most people have heard of field sobriety tests either from TV, movies or friends (or from personal experience).  Touch your

Whether or not you should take the breathalyzer test is probably the most asked question we get as Ohio DUI

Choosing an attorney to guide you through the legal process for your Ohio OVI charge can be a daunting task.

The front page of the Columbus Dispatch yesterday was a huge photo of a beer with the headline: “New Lower

If you have been charged with an OVI in Ohio, and you want or need to continue driving, one option

Ohio attorney Doug Riddell discusses Ohio OVI law in an interview.

The Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled on what must be proven in court before a defendant can be convicted of

Good news for Ohio drivers with lead feet.  On some Ohio highways, the speed limit will be going up to

The Columbus Dispatch reported today on the upcoming hike in auto insurance rates in Ohio. According to the article, Ohioans

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Please check out our newly published article on the Ohio State Bar Association’s “Law You Can Use” page entitled “What