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Ohio’s disorderly conduct statute is fairly broad when it comes to the types of acts that fall under its umbrella.

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A court considers several factors in determining whether to grant an expungement application.  Once the application is filed, the prosecution

Field Sobriety Tests OVI DUI Instructions

>In most OVI cases, drivers submit to field sobriety tests (i.e., walk and turn, eye test, and one leg stand).

We often speak with clients and potential clients that have outstanding warrants and are not sure what to do.  If

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Ohio Drugs For Which There is a “Per Se” Blood / Urine / Breath Limit The only substances for which

walk and turn line ovi dui clues ohio columbus attorney

When administering field sobriety tests, one of the first tests officers will do with OVI suspects is the “walk and

The issue of a warrant requirement before obtaining medical records under R.C. 2317.022 has come up in several cases lately

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The issue of chemical tests performed at a hospital on OVI suspects is an important one under Ohio law.  We

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Police in Ohio are using aircraft (helicopters) routinely to cite speeding drivers on Ohio roads. If you are cited for

Charged Marijuana Possession Test Positive Marijuana Drug Test?
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Answer: In the State of Ohio, no. If you test positive for marijuana (fail a drug test) – but do