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Ohio DUI / OVI Blog

The issue of a warrant requirement before obtaining medical records under R.C. 2317.022 has come up in several cases lately

warrant hospital blood urine test dui ovi lawyer ohio

The issue of chemical tests performed at a hospital on OVI suspects is an important one under Ohio law.  We

helicopter aircraft speeding ticket

Police in Ohio are using aircraft (helicopters) routinely to cite speeding drivers on Ohio roads. If you are cited for

Charged Marijuana Possession Test Positive Marijuana Drug Test?
Categories: Ohio Drug Laws

Answer: In the State of Ohio, no. If you test positive for marijuana (fail a drug test) – but do

Hand Signal Motorcycle Passenger ohio

Motorcycle Passenger Signals Turn with Hand Signal; Officers Don’t See the Hand Signal An Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper saw

Columbus Hazardous Materials Delivery I-270

A Franklin County Municipal Court judge (Environmental Division) ruled this past week on a statutory question regarding Columbus’ improper transporting

Ohio Misdemeanors Prevent Ohio Concealed Carry

A conviction for a number of Ohio misdemeanors can affect your ability to get or keep your  a concealed carry

Categories: Ohio Drug Laws

Yes. Pending Marijuana Possession / Paraphernalia Charges Will Disqualify You from Obtaining an Ohio CCW. R.C. 2923.125 says that if you

Leaving Gas Station Without Paying Ohio Pump and Run

Ohio Misdemeanor: Leaving Gas Station Without Paying  If you pump gas and then leave without paying – intentionally or not

domestic violence ohio physical violence

Ohio’s Domestic Violence Statute Ohio’s domestic violence statute is found in R.C. 2919.25(A). That section states that no person shall