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Why Choosing The Right Reynoldsburg DUI Lawyer Matters

If you are facing a Reynoldsburg DUI charge, fighting the case could mean saving your license, job and your record.  Douglas Riddell exclusively devotes his legal practice to DUI / OVI and misdemeanor criminal defense cases in the Reynoldsburg and Greater Columbus area.

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Led by Doug Riddell, our law firm works closely with our clients facing OVI charges in the Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court to thoroughly investigate the charges made against them and unravel all relevant facts.  We work to provide an aggressive and effective criminal defense that will protect our clients’ rights. 

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 Reynoldsburg Code Section 333.01 (Driving or Physical Control of a Vehicle While Impaired)

Reynoldsburg has its own Code of Ordinances governing crimes that happen within the city limits, including OVI offenses.  

The Reynoldsburg OVI ordinance is found in Reynoldsburg Municipal Code Section 333.01, which says:

No person shall operate any vehicle within [Reynoldsburg], if, at the time of the operation * * *  The person is under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse, or a combination of them.”


Under Section 333.01, if you are charged with an OVI in Reynoldsburg, the law requires that you have a hearing in the Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court (on a first offense) within 5 days of the initial arrest (subject to continuances requested by the defense).  

At that initial court appearance (called an arraignment), you are asked for an initial plea (guilty or not guilty) and driving privileges are often addressed. In most cases, a not guilty plea at that initial court appearance will give you the opportunity to start gathering police reports and other information to formulate defenses to the charges. 


In the video below, Attorney Riddell discusses the Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court and what you can expect if you are facing an OVI charge in Reynoldsburg.

After your arraignment, our attorneys will continue to gather information about the facts of your case, evaluate possible flaws in the prosecution’s case, and negotiate with the Reynoldsburg prosecutor for the most favorable resolution of your case given the circumstances.  If negotiations fail, Attorney Doug Riddell will conduct motion hearings and a trial as necessary in to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you have any questions about your Reynoldsburg OVI case, talk to one of our Reynoldsburg OVI attorneys about your options.

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