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Furnishing Alcohol to an Underage Person (ORC 4301.69)

What Is Furnishing Alcohol To An Underage Person (O.RC. 4301.69)?

Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.69 provides two major scenarios that encompass “furnishing alcohol to an underage person.” The two primary sections state:

  • Buying Alcohol for Someone Underage – 4301.69(A): “No person shall sell beer or intoxicating liquor to an underage person, shall buy beer or intoxicating liquor for an underage person, or shall furnish it to an underage person.”
  • Allowing Someone Underage to Drink At Your House/Apartment – 4301.69(B): “No person who is the owner or occupant of any public or private place shall knowingly allow any underage person to remain in or on the place while possessing or consuming beer or intoxicating liquor.”

The Columbus city code for furnishing alcohol to someone under age 21 is Columbus City Code Section 2325.69. The Ohio Revised Code and the Columbus City Code share much of the same terminology.

furnishing alcohol 4301.69

Potential Penalties For Furnishing Alcohol To Someone Under Age 21

If convicted of furnishing alcohol to someone under age 21 in violation of Ohio revised code section 4301.69(A), one is subject to a first-degree misdemeanor carrying the following penalties:

  • Maximum 6 months in jail; and
  • $500 minimum fine (maximum $1000)

Potential Defenses To Furnishing Alcohol To An Underage Person

The Ohio Revised Code includes language in section 4301.69 that provides for legal defenses to anyone facing a possible conviction under the statute.  Some of the defenses include:

Alcohol related offenses vary from case to case and there can be difficulty understanding what defenses may be available to you. If you have questions about your Columbus alcohol related criminal charges, talk to our Columbus furnishing alcohol defense attorneys at 614-361-2804.

Written by Anthony M. Iori, Associate Attorney at Riddell Law LLC