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Trucking Violations – CDL Attorney

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    If you are a professional driver, your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is essential for your livelihood. A moving violation or speeding ticket could jeopardize your CDL license and/or your job. With the stakes so high, you need an experienced attorney at your side in court. As a Columbus CDL and hazmat attorney, Mr. Riddell regularly represents truckers and other CDL holders faced with traffic violations in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. CDL Attorney Douglas Riddell represents truckers and other CDL holders charged with violations such as speeding, overweight fines, equipment violations, hazmat violations under Columbus Code Section 2551.06, unsecured load, and the like.


    At your initial free consultation, Mr. Riddell will review your case with you, answer your questions, and will give his best assessment of your case based on the information provided.

    Generally, the possible outcomes of a CDL traffic violation include:

    Dismissal: The first thing Mr. Riddell will do is pursue all possible grounds for dismissal. If such grounds exist, Attorney Riddell will work to have all charges thrown out with no further consequences.

    Reducing the Charge: If the charges cannot be dismissed, Mr. Riddell will work to reach an agreement whereby the charges are reduced to a lesser offense.

    Minimizing the Damage: Even if the charge does go on your record, Mr. Riddell will work to reduce the points on your license and keep them as low as possible.


    If you’ve been ticketed for a moving violation or equipment violation while driving through Ohio, your CDL may be in jeopardy. Do you want to avoid points on your record, but you are unsure how you can do that from thousands of miles away? Ohio CDL Attorney Riddell can attend your hearing on your behalf and negotiate for the best possible settlement given the facts of your case.


    Under Ohio law, the BMV will disqualify you from operating a commercial vehicle if you have:

    • An Ohio OVI conviction; under state law or municipal ordinance;
    • An Administrative License Suspension (ALS) imposed under ORC 4511.191 for refusing to submit to a breath, blood, or field sobriety test will cause the BMV to disqualify you person from operating a commercial motor vehicle.

    Given these harsh sanctions, it is paramount if you are commercial driver that you contact an experienced Ohio attorney ASAP. Time is of the essence. If you refused or failed a blood alcohol test, your attorney MUST file an appeal of your administrative license suspension within 30 days of your arraignment.

    Unless the administrative license suspension is vacated on appeal, you will be disqualified even if you are found not guilty of the OVI by acquittal or dismissal upon amendment to a reduced charge.

    A first OVI conviction or administrative license suspension (e.g. for a refusal) in Ohio requires a one-year disqualification from operating a commercial vehicle.

    A second OVI conviction, a second administrative license suspension (e.g. for a refusal), or any combination of the two arising from two or more separate incidents will require a disqualification “for life or for any other period of time as determined by the United States secretary of transportation and designated by the director of public safety by rule.”

    If you are a commercial driver and are facing an OVI charge, contacting an Ohio attorney TODAY is critical. The potential consequences — losing your CDL license — are simply too high.

    Mr. Riddell regularly helps CDL holders faced with traffic and equipment violations in the Columbus, Ohio area.

    To begin the process and discuss representation for your Columbus, Ohio speeding ticket or traffic citation, call Ohio CDL Attorney Doug Riddell directly at 614-361-2804, email him at doug@riddelllaw.com, or fill out the confidential contact form to the right.  Because we know speeding and traffic tickets rarely happen during 9:00-5:00 working hours, Mr. Riddell is there to take your call after hours, on evenings, weekends, and holidays.