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The infrastructure of Central Ohio in built around highways and Ohioans traveling in vehicles.  In fact, without a car, it is nearly impossible to get from one side of Columbus to the other — unless you are able to walk miles to a bus stop and have the time to make multiple bus changes.

If you have a job, it is most likely imperative that you have the ability to drive.  In fact, in some professions, such as sales or commercial driving, losing your license means losing your livelihood.   Driving under suspension charges often follow. 

Riddell Law has represented motorists throughout Columbus facing driving under suspension charges.   

Douglas Riddell is a skilled traffic offense lawyer who knows how to navigate both the Ohio criminal justice system and the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle’s administrative process.  

For experienced advocacy and legal counsel regarding relief from your driving under suspension charge, contact Riddell Law.   Mr. Riddell is committed to helping motorists fight their driving under suspension charges.

What Are the Penalties for Driving Under Suspension?

Potential Penalties for Driving Under Suspension
Up to 6 months in Jail
Up to $1000 fine
Additional license suspension

If you have been convicted of driving under suspension in the past three years, the judge could also order immobilization of your vehicle or even forfeiture.

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Can I Get My Driving Under Suspension Charge Reduced or Dismissed?

Possible Defenses

Our Columbus driving under suspension attorneys work toward getting our client’s driving under suspension charges reduced or even dismissed.  Toward this end, potential defenses to driving under suspension charges in Columbus include:

  • Attacking the legality of the underlying suspension;
  • Challenging the constitutionality of the traffic stop;
  • Demonstrating that the BMV failed to mail notice of the suspension before the traffic stop; 
  • Proving that the defendant was the actual person who operated the vehicle.

Identifying Mitigating Factors and How These Can Help

In some cases, it helps to obtain a continuance of our client’s court date.  A continuance will potentially enable our client to complete certain required tasks or pay fines or other fees that will either cast him in a more positive light, or allow his license to be reinstated.  These steps may assist in negotiations with the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss the charges. 


Why Is My Ohio License is Suspended?

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has a driver’s license suspension check on its website.  On the BMV website, you can type in your license information and they will tell you whether your license has been suspended and if so, what requirements you must meet to have your Ohio license reinstated.  Click the link below to check your Ohio license status.

Ohio BMV License Suspension Check

Note that in order to be convicted of driving under suspension, the BMV must have mailed you a notice of the suspension.  Actual receipt of the notice is not required, but the BMV must have at the least mailed it. 

Handling Driving Under Suspension Charges in Columbus and Throughout Franklin County

Attorney Douglas Riddell knows how to help clients navigate through the Franklin County criminal justice system, and he understands the administrative nuances within the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).  His comprehensive background includes representing commercial drivers and other motorists charged with driving under suspension whose licenses have been suspended for a variety of offenses, including:

The above suspensions carry anywhere from a 90-day to multi-year license suspension.  However, with the assistance of a knowledgable driving under suspension attorney, there may be opportunities to appeal these license suspensions or obtain driving privileges so that you can get back on the road for work.

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Obtain experienced legal help from a Columbus, Ohio driving under suspension lawyer who understands what you have at stake.    Attorney Riddell knows how to protect your legal rights, whether you are faced with a license suspension for too many speeding tickets, due to a failure to have car insurance, or whether you have been charged with driving under suspension. 

Riddell Law regularly defends clients facing driving under suspension charges.  Additionally, we can advise clients on whether they would be eligible obtain driving privileges.  Contact us now for advice regarding your driving under suspension charge.  

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