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Open Container Ticket Defense in Columbus

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Under the open container law in the Columbus City Code (Section 2325.62), it is illegal to have in your possession an opened can of beer or opened container of alcohol in the following places:

  • On the premises of any liquor store 
  • In any public place (unless the place has been designated as a open container area)


  • While operating or riding in a motor vehicle (car, bicycle) on any public street (even if you are a passenger)
  • While operating a motor vehicle (car, bicycle) on private property open that the public are permitted to drive on (even if you are a passenger)
  • While operating a motor vehicle (car, bicycle) on a private parking lot open to the public (even if you are a passenger)
  • While sitting in a car or sitting ON a car (or any motor vehicle) in a private parking lot open to the public

open container attorney columbus

Should I Pay or Fight the Open Container Ticket in Columbus?

If you have been cited for having an open container and want to protect your record, talk to one of our Columbus open container attorneys about your options.  

There may be defenses available (e.g. an unconstitutional search) and there may be an opportunity to have the charges in Columbus reduced or dismissed depending on the circumstances of your case.