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    If you have been charged with a traffic offense in Dublin, it is likely your charges will be filed in the Dublin Mayor’s Court.

    Traffic charges in Dublin can be charged under either the Ohio statute (the Ohio Revised Code) or the local Dublin City Ordinance.  The local Dublin traffic ordinances largely mirror the the Ohio statues but with some differences.

    Under the Dublin City Code, reckless operation is defined as:
    “No person shall operate a vehicle on any street or highway without due regard for the safety of persons or property.”   A Dublin reckless operation charge is an M1 (first degree misdemeanor) carrying penalties for up to $1000 fine, up to 6 months in jail and other penalties.<

    Under the Dublin City Code, a “physical control” charge is defined as:
    “Being in the driver’s position of the front seat of a vehicle * * *  and having possession of the vehicle’s * * * ignition key or other ignition device * * * [while] under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse, or a combination of them.”

    For a physical control charge, one of the ways a driver can be considered “under the influence” is if they take a breath test with a result over .08.   Other evidence might include field sobriety tests, blood or urine tests and/or the observations of the officer.  Each of these can be challenged in court.

    A Dublin physical control charge is a first degree misdemeanor.  Penalties can include up to a $1000 fine, 6 months in jail, and up to one year driver’s license suspension. , or nonresident operating privilege for a definite period of time not to exceed one year.

    Dublin’s speeding law states that no one may “operate a motor vehicle at a speed greater or less than is reasonable or proper, having due regard for the traffic, surface, and width of the street or highway and any other conditions * * * ”  This includes:

    • Driving over 20mph in school zones while children are present (during recess or when children are coming or going to school) or when the posted speed limit is 20mph.  School zones shall be construed to require school zones to be indicated by signs equipped with flashing or other lights, or giving other special notice of the hours in which the school zone speed limit is in effect.  Whether or not the “school zone” flashing lights are on does not matter per the statute.

    In most cases, a Dublin speeding ticket is a minor misdemeanor, meaning a $150 maximum fine with no possible jail time.

    If a Dublin driver has two speeding (or other traffic) violations within one year, it is considered a fourth degree misdemeanor, carrying a maximum $250 fine, up to 30 days in jail and personal appearance in court.

    If a Dublin driver has three speeding (or other traffic) violations within one year, it is a third degree misdemeanor, carrying a $500 fine, 60 days in jail and personal appearance required in court.

    Dublin’s hit-skip (stopping after an accident) law states that if a driver is involved in an accident (with another car or causing damage to property), and the driver knows he was in an accident, he must immediately stop until he has given to the other driver or to a police officer:

    (1) the driver’s or operator’s name and address and,

    (2) if the driver or operator is not the owner, the name and address of the owner of that motor vehicle, together with the registered number of that motor vehicle.

    If the Dublin driver hits a parked car (unattended vehicle), the driver must “securely attach information required to be given in this section, in writing, to a conspicuous place in or on” the vehicle.

    If someone is hurt or if property is damaged, and if the other driver is not given the required information at the scene, the driver has 24 hours after the accident to call the Dublin police and give them information about the details of the accident (the date, time and location) as well as the driver’s name and address.

    If real property (e.g. a house) is damaged in the accident, the driver must stop and “take reasonable steps to locate and notify the owner or person in charge of the property of that fact, of the driver’s name and address, and of the registration number of vehicle the driver is driving and, upon request and if available, shall exhibit the driver’s driver’s or commercial driver’s license.”

    If the driver can’t find the owner of the property, the driver must call the Dublin police within 24 hours and give them all of the relevant information about the accident, including a description of the damage.
    Violation is a first degree misdemeanor, carrying up to $1000 fine, jail time and other penalties.

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