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Riddell Law – College Scholarship Award Review

We are proud to announce the second annual Riddell Law DUI Awareness Scholarship — a $500 scholarship to be given to a local Columbus area high school senior to help pay for tuition, room and board, books or other materials necessary for an incoming college freshman.  We look forward to a review of all of the applications.

Our attorneys were able to attend their dream college – the University of Notre Dame – in part through the generosity of local businesses in their community.  This is our opportunity to pay it back and assist a local student to attend his or her own dream college or university.

We have chosen to highlight two topics this year as the focus of our scholarship essay.

First, drinking and driving as the focus of our scholarship essay as this is an issue that affects high school and college students both in Columbus and nationwide.  As Columbus DUI, criminal and traffic attorneys, DUI charges and other violations involving driving are a large part of our law practice.

Second, the national debate over whether minor marijuana possession should be a criminal offense continues.  Representing clients facing misdemeanor possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia charges is also a significant part of our practice.  Although possession of a small amount of marijuana is a minor misdemeanor under Ohio law, students in particular can nonetheless face harsh penalties if convicted including drivers’ license suspension and loss of federal financial aid for college.   We would like to hear from students on this debate and whether Ohio should join other states in decriminalizing minor marijuana possession.

We want to do our part to encourage students and all Ohioans to be alert and sober while on the road.  Our firm has chosen this investment in our community so that all of us together can encourage young Ohioans to pursue their dreams.  Good luck to all of our applicants!

Riddell Law College Scholarship Application