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Field Sobriety Tests: What are Ohio Police Officers Looking For?

Most people have heard of field sobriety tests either from TV, movies or friends (or from personal experience).  Touch your nose, walk the yellow line, say the alphabet backwards – these are all tests we hear about – but what are they really for?  What are the police officers looking for when they a driver to stand on one leg?  What are police officers looking for when they ask a driver to walk the yellow line?   Can the average person really say the alphabet backwards even when sober?

In the video below, Ohio Attorney Douglas Riddell answers questions about field sobriety tests in Ohio and what Ohio police officers are looking for when they give a driver these tests.

Please remember that this video is intended for general information purposes, is focused on Ohio law, and may not apply to your situation.  You should consult with an attorney about the specific facts in your case.