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Grove City Criminal Defense Attorney

grove city disorderly conduct attorney

Our Grove City criminal defense attorneys regularly defend clients in the Grove City Mayor’s Court defending a wide range of criminal charges.

In most cases, if you are are facing a criminal charge in Grove City, you will be charged either under a local Grove City ordinance or under the Ohio Revised Code.

Our Grove City criminal lawyers defend clients in the Grove City Mayor’s Court facing charges, including:

If you are facing a criminal charge in the Grove City Mayor’s Court, talk to our Grove City criminal defense attorney about possible defenses to your charges.  Attorney Douglas Riddell – our Grove City criminal defense attorney – offers free consultations and, if you decide to hire him, accepts payment plans for qualifying clients.

Criminal misdemeanor charges can not only mean fines and possible jail time, but can also affect future employment prospects.  Talk to a Grove City attorney about your options toward avoiding a criminal charge on your record.