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Grove City Speeding Ticket Attorney

If you have received a Grove City speeding ticket, one of our Grove City speeding ticket attorneys may be able to help.

Our Grove City speeding ticket lawyers regularly defend clients in the Grove City Mayor’s Court charged with speeding and speed-related traffic charges.  Depending on the facts of your case, our Grove City speeding attorneys may be able to get the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation or even dismissed.

grove city speeding traffic attorney


Speeding – Grove City Code Section 333.03


Grove City’s local speeding ordinance states that: “No person shall operate a motor vehicle at a speed greater or less than is reasonable or proper, having due regard for the traffic, surface, and width of the street or highway and any other conditions . . . “


School Zones.  Under the Grove City School Zone Speeding law, it is against the law to drive more than 20mph in school zones during recess and while children are going to or leaving school during the opening or closing hours.


If there is a 20mph school zone speed limit sign, it is against the law to exceed the speed limit even if children are not present.  The Grove City school zone speed law also states that flashing lights are not required to indicate school hours or the presence of children.


25mph Zones.   All areas of Grove City are 25mph zones except State routes outside business districts, through highways outside business districts, and alleys;


35mph Zones.  All State routes or through highways within Grove City outside business districts are 35mph zones unless otherwise marked.


Points & Penalties for Grove City Speeding Tickets


In most cases, a speeding ticket in Grove City is a minor misdemeanor.  In most cases it carries points on your license and a maximum $250 fine.


Multiple Tickets. If you have been charged with more than two other traffic offenses — in Grove City or elsewhere — within the prior year, the ticket could carry more serious consequences.  If you have two prior tickets in the prior year, the second offense is a fourth degree misdemeanor.  Three priors, the fourth offense is a third degree misdemeanor.


Grove City Excessive Speed.  It is also a fourth degree misdemeanor (potential jail time, $250 fine) in Grove City where the driver has been:

  • Charged with going 35mph or faster in a business district  (a 25mph zone)

  • Charged with going 50mph or faster in a 35mph zone

  • Charged with going 35mph or faster in a school zone during recess or while children are present

Points.  Points are assessed for speeding tickets in Grove City as in all Ohio municipalities.  The points assessed on the driver’s license for Grove City speeding tickets are:

  • 30mph or more over the speed limit = 4 points

  • 10mph or more over the limit in a 55mph or higher zone = 2 points

  •  5mph or more over the limits in a 50mph or less zone = 2 points

  • Less than 10mph over in 55mph+ zone or less than 5mph over in a 50mph or less zone = 0 points

Construction Zones.  In addition to other penalties, the Grove City speeding law states that fines are doubled in construction zones

Potential Defenses to Grove City Speeding Tickets

Our Grove City speeding attorneys raise a number of defenses in speeding tickets cases.  Examples include:

  • Were the speed signs erected properly pursuant to the administrative rules?

  • Was the device used by the officer to calculate speed properly calibrated?

  • If the Grove City officer paced the driver, was the pacing done properly?


If you have been charged with a speeding ticket in Grove City, talk to one of our Grove City speeding ticket attorneys about your options.   Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to avoid points or avoid having a moving violation on your record.

Our Grove City speeding ticket lawyers can be reached at (614) 361-2804.