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Grove City Traffic Control Device Violation Attorney

Grove City Traffic Control Device Ticket Attorney

Ohio’s traffic control device statute is the model under which most municipal statutes are based.  A full discussion of Ohio’s traffic control device law can be found here.

Grove City’s traffic control device statute mirrors Ohio’s law in most aspects, but includes some additional language governing weigh stations for commercial drivers, discussed further below.

Grove City Traffic Control Device Ordinance

Grove City’s local traffic control device law (Grove City Traffic Code Section 313.01) states that:

No pedestrian or driver of a vehicle shall disobey the instructions of any traffic-control device unless directed by a police officer.
Traffic control device violations include actions such as:
  • Running a red light
  • Running a stop sign
  • Failing to stay in your lane when instructed in a construction zone. 
Violation is a minor misdemeanor (if it is your first traffic offense within a 12 month period).  It carries 2 points on your traffic record.

Grove City Traffic Control Device Defenses

Our Grove City traffic attorneys regularly challenge traffic tickets in the Grove City Mayor’s Court, including tickets for traffic control device violations.  Possible defenses could include, for example:
If, at the time and place of the alleged violation, an official sign is not in proper position and sufficiently legible to be seen by an ordinarily observant person.
A local attorney may be able to help get the points reduced or the ticket dismissed.  
Talk to one of our Grove City traffic control device attorneys about your options at (614) 361-2804.

Special Provisions Pertaining to Commercial Vehicles

Unlike Ohio and Columbus’ law, Grove City’s traffic control device law includes an additional provision in their traffic control device law.
Under Grove City’s traffic control device law, any operator of a commercial motor vehicle, upon approaching a scale location, shall comply with any sign or the police order directing the vehicle to proceed to be weighed or otherwise inspected.
If you have an electronic clearance device (PrePass), the vehicle must still stop at the scale location to allow an officer to verify PrePass use and operation.
If you have an electronic clearance device (PrePass) authorized by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, you may bypass the scale, even if there is a sign if:
      (1)   The in-cab transponder displays a green light or other affirmative visual signal and also sounds an affirmative audible signal;
      (2)   Any other criterion established by the Superintendent of the State Highway Patrol is met.
Violation of the commercial vehicle-specific ordinance is a minor misdemeanor.