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Insurance Suspension (FRA Suspension)



    In Ohio, proof of insurance is required to operate a motor vehicle.  It is called under Ohio law “proof of  financial responsibility.”  Usually, this means that you need to have a copy of the declaration page of your car insurance policy or an insurance card showing current coverage.

    Proof of financial responsibility arises in several ways for Ohio drivers.  For example, when an OVI conviction suspension expires, a driver must show proof of financial responsibility (proof of insurance) to the BMV.

    But the requirements are different when a driver’s license has been suspended for failure to show proof of insurance after a traffic stop.  When a non-compliance suspension for failure to show proof of insurance after a traffic stop expires, the driver must file and maintain proof of insurance with the BMV for a set period of time.  If the driver successfully files and maintains proof of insurance, the license status is “in compliance.”

    If the insurance coverage is canceled during this set period when proof must be filed and maintained, the license status reverts to “suspended” status until new proof is filed. Insurance companies are required to inform the BMV of the cancellation of coverage during this set period.  If the driver operates a motor vehicle while his or her license is under “suspended” status, he or she will be charged with driving under a financial responsibility suspension.

    The current minimums for new and renewed policies are:

    1. $25,000.00 because of bodily injury to or death of one person in an accident;
    2. $50,000.00 because of bodily injury to or death of two or more persons in an accident;
    3. $25,00.00 because of injury to property of others in an accident.

    The Columbus Dispatch recently reported that Ohioans were cited 1.3 million times last year (2012) for driving without insurance.  In Franklin and surrounding counties, about 192,000 citations were given for driving without insurance.

    For more information about FRA suspensions, the Ohio BMV website has excellent information regarding suspension periods and reinstatement fees.