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Its Official: (Some) Ohio Highways are Now 70 MPH


If you can believe it, July 1 is already here.  Where has the summer gone?

What does July 1 bring?  Start your engines because starting today there are new higher speed limits on Ohio highways.  Today is the first day of the new 70 mph limit on many Ohio highways.  According to the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio is the 34th state to raise its speed limit to 70 mph for certain rural roadways.

The Dispatch article quotes the National Motorists Association (an organization of which Riddell Law is a member), which notes that the prevailing speed on most highways is 70-75 mph.  So Ohio’s speed limit change is in line with what is already happening on Ohio’s roadways.

The change will not matter much here in Franklin County, but will affect you if you are traveling I-71 to Cleveland or Cincinnati or I-70 to Dayton.