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My Court Date was Postponed Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Miss My Court Date and Get a Warrant?

Many courthouses across Ohio have suspended or limited operations in response to the ongoing Coronavirus situation. This has left many people wondering about when their next court date will be scheduled for, and how will they be notified of the next court date.

Courts in Ohio are continuing cases as a health precaution, and most cases are being continued anywhere from four to eight weeks. Courts are putting the new cases on their websites to keep the public informed, and are sending notices in the mail. If you have questions about how the cases are rescheduled or are unsure about when your new court date is, it may be beneficial to contact an attorney who can make sure you are properly represented for your cases and avoid a warrant being issued for failing to appear in Court.

I Missed My Court Date Before the Coronavirus Closures. What Can I Do to Avoid a Warrant For My Arrest During This Time? 

With the rapid change in court operations, there are instances where someone may have missed their court date and are unsure about how to reopen their case in order to avoid an active warrant in their name.

The Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus authorized the clerk of courts to, “grant recognizance bonds to any person charged with a non-violent or traffic misdemeanor, and who failed to appear in court.” This would allow the warrant to be lifted and the case would be continued out to a new court date following the resolution of the Coronavirus situation.

If you missed your court date, or have an active warrant, it may be necessary to contact an Ohio attorney who specializes in traffic and criminal matters. We have years of experience in criminal and traffic cases and can assist in lifting an active warrant or assisting in rescheduling and contesting an active case. If you have questions about your Ohio traffic or criminal charges, talk to our defense attorneys at 614-361-2804.