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Columbus Police Search Trunk Marijuana in the Car in Ohio attorney

No.  Just smelling marijuana coming from the car is not alone enough justification for a warrantless search of the trunk

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Can Police Arrest You for a Minor Misdemeanor Such As Marijuana Possession or a Traffic Offense? In most circumstances, if

police search car for marijuana even if say no
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The police pull you over for speeding.  Or for not using your turn signal.  Or for marked lanes. Or for

blood test no warrant inadmissable

If you are in an accident and taken to the hospital, doctors might take a blood or urine sample for

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In crafting a defense in an OVI case, one of the first questions we ask is whether the initial traffic


SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION Call (614) 361-2804 Columbus Police operated two DUI checkpoints last night: One at N. High St.

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One recent Ohio case – State v. Ambrosini, 2015-Ohio-4150 – highlighted the importance of knowing Ohio search and seizure law in a

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What is a “Speedy Trial” Right? The Sixth Amendment provides that in “all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the

grandview heights underage smoking

The Grandview Heights City Council approved an ordinance last night that will make it an unclassified misdemeanor for anyone under