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Ohio DUI / OVI Blog

upper arlington buy cigarettes underage

Earlier this summer, the Upper Arlington City Council passed Ordinance No. 35-2015 raising the age for the sale and purchase of

drive ohio foreign international drivers license

Answer: Yes – Under certain conditions. In Ohio, a driver who is a resident of another country and who is a

disorderly conduct domestic violence dismissed

In a recent Ohio Court of Appeals case – Cleveland Heights v. Cohen, 2015-Ohio-1636 – the appeals court reversed the defendant’s convictions

hit skip failure to report ohio dismissed

In a recent hit-skip case, a driver in a one-car accident hit a utility pole and failed to stop.  The

An Ohio Court of Appeals recently decided another case involving an unreasonable search by police.  Here, upon responding to a

The Ohio Supreme Court recently decided a case asking whether a traffic stop based on probable cause but contrary to

A recent Ohio Court of Appeals decision – State v. Schulz, 2015-Ohio-2252 – considered whether Ohio’s drugged driving law is

One recent Columbus expungement case in the Franklin County Municipal Court reiterated the procedure that must be followed in expungement

ovi dismissed where move over violation not proven

In a recent case, our client was pulled over for failure to “move over” for a police cruiser in the

In the case of an OVI stop, there is often a passenger or multiple passengers in the car.  In this case,