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What is a “Terry” Stop? There are three types of police police-citizen interactions: 1) a consensual encounter, 2) a brief investigatory

In Ohio, failure to stop after an accident is a first degree misdemeanor.  An essential element of the crime is

Categories: Ohio Drug Laws

Generally, the Fourth Amendment prohibits “unreasonable searches and seizures.”  But what happens if the officer thinks he has justification for

dui ovi checkpoint dismissed

In a recent Ohio case, the defendant was stopped at a DUI checkpoint.  While stopped, an officer became suspicious that

One recent Ohio OVI case –State v. Robertson, 2014-Ohio-5389 –  is interesting because the front seat passenger – and not

We recently posted the application for our second annual Riddell Law DUI Awareness Scholarship — a $500 scholarship to be given to

One recent Ohio case highlights the importance of cruiser video evidence in traffic-related stops.  In this case, a car was pulled

In a recent Ohio case, the defendant was charged with physical control.  She was found asleep at the wheel of

We have discussed anonymous tips in prior posts.  An anonymous caller tips the police to a potential drunk driver, often

Officer Alleges that Defendant Obstructed Official Business By Delaying Car From Being Towed  An officer arrived at the scene of