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laser gun speeding attorney columbus

In order to establish speeding beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecutor must prove that: (1) the laser device is in

driver search illegal detained beyond time original stop
Categories: Ohio Drug Laws

Under Ohio law, if a police officer’s reason for continuing to detain a driver is unrelated to the original reason

Categories: Ohio Drug Laws

What is a “Terry” Stop? There are three types of police police-citizen interactions: 1) a consensual encounter, 2) a brief investigatory

hit skip ohio driver not know in accident

In Ohio, failure to stop after an accident is a first degree misdemeanor.  An essential element of the crime is

mistake of law traffic stop supreme court
Categories: Ohio Drug Laws

Generally, the Fourth Amendment prohibits “unreasonable searches and seizures.”  But what happens if the officer thinks he has justification for

dui ovi checkpoint dismissed

In a recent Ohio case, the defendant was stopped at a DUI checkpoint.  While stopped, an officer became suspicious that

front seat passenger dui ovi charge

One recent Ohio OVI case –State v. Robertson, 2014-Ohio-5389 –  is interesting because the front seat passenger – and not

We recently posted the application for our second annual Riddell Law DUI Awareness Scholarship — a $500 scholarship to be given to

pants pocket illegal search traffic stop

One recent Ohio case highlights the importance of cruiser video evidence in traffic-related stops.  In this case, a car was pulled

ovi dui dismissed driver asleep no evidence of drugs

In a recent Ohio case, the defendant was charged with physical control.  She was found asleep at the wheel of