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Ohio DUI / OVI Blog

We have discussed anonymous tips in prior posts.  An anonymous caller tips the police to a potential drunk driver, often

Officer Alleges that Defendant Obstructed Official Business By Delaying Car From Being Towed  An officer arrived at the scene of

Driver Pulled Over for Suspected OVI – Agrees to HGN Eye Test An officer began following a vehicle after seeing

Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court decided a groundbreaking case in the area of OVI law.  In Cincinnati v. Ilg, Slip

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Ohio’s disorderly conduct statute generally prohibits acting or speaking in an offensive way to another person.  However, the U.S.Constitution protects

This case demonstrates the importance of attention to detail and knowledge of Ohio traffic law in defending a traffic case.

In this case, police were conducting a “knock and talk” to discuss suspected drugs in the home.  The police did

Police generally need either a warrant or “reasonable suspicion” that a crime or traffic violation has occurred to pull over