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I am in court around the Greater Columbus area every day and have the opportunity to see many people come

If you have been stopped, questioned and arrested or cited by the police, one of the first questions you should

In Cleveland v. Dumas, Defendant was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving under suspension, failure to comply, and failure

When you check into a hotel, does your hotel room afford you the same privacy rights that you would have

Today, Attorney Bridget Purdue Riddell took one of our client’s cases all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court.  The

Resident Charged with Obstruction of Official Business For Slamming the Front Door As Police Approached In State v. Crawford, 2013-Ohio-4398,

The Columbus Dispatch reported recently that although violent crimes are slightly up in the U.S., drug arrests continued to greatly

  If you or a friend or family member have been arrested after being stopped by the police in your

  An Ohio court of appeals last week decided in State v. Dominy, No. 13AP-124, 2013-Ohio-3744, that a weight violation

Labor Day weekend is here, which means that Columbus police are out in full force looking for impaired drivers.  Two