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Fairfield County (Lancaster) DUI/OVI



    Doug Riddell regularly represents clients facing DUI / OVI / drunk driving charges in Lancaster, Ohio and throughout Fairfield County.  If you have been charged with a DUI / OVI in Fairfield County, your case will be filed in the Fairfield County Municipal Court. The Court is located at  104 E. Main Street in Lancaster, Ohio.  Attorney Doug Riddell routinely represents clients facing charges in the Fairfield County Municipal Court facing DUI / OVI and other misdemeanor charges.

    Doug Riddell regularly appears before all of the Fairfield County Municipal Court Judges, including Judge David A. Trimmer and Judge Patrick N. Harris. The Fairfield Municipal Court is a fairly busy court, handing more than 3300 criminal cases, over 740 OVI cases and more than 12,100 traffic offenses in 2011 alone. Having an advocate on your side to navigate the Fairfield County Municipal Court will prove invaluable to achieving the best outcome in your case with the least amount of stress and worry.

    Doug Riddell has significant experience defending clients facing DUI / OVI charges in the Fairfield County Municipal Court.  He knows the system inside and out and can offer unique insight into your best options for beating or reducing your charges.

    To begin the process and discuss representation for your Fairfield County (Lancaster), Ohio DUI / OVI, call Attorney Doug Riddell directly at 614-361-2804 or fill out the confidential form to the right. Because we know DUI charges and questions regarding your charges rarely happen during 9:00-5:00 working hours, Mr. Riddell is there to take your call after hours, on evenings, weekends, and holidays.