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Urbana, Ohio DUI/OVI



Attorney Douglas Riddell regularly represents clients facing DUI / OVI and criminal defense charges in Urbana, Ohio.  If you have been charged with a first offense DUI / OVI in Urbana, Ohio, your case will likely be filed in the Champaign County Municipal Court.  The Court is located at 205 S. Main Street in Urbana, Ohio.  Attorney Doug Riddell is regularly at the Champaign County Municipal Court representing his clients facing DUI / OVI and other misdemeanor charges.

After your first court appearance (which is called your “arraignment”), Attorney Douglas Riddell will continue to gather information about the facts of your case, evaluate possible flaws in the prosecution’s case, and negotiate with the prosecutor for a favorable resolution of your case.  If negotiations fail, Attorney Doug Riddell will conduct motion hearings and a trial as necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.

To begin the process and discuss representation for your Urbana, Ohio DUI / OVI, call Attorney Doug Riddell directly at 614-361-2804. Because we know DUI charges rarely happen during 9:00-5:00 working hours, Mr. Riddell is there to take your call after hours, on evenings, weekends, and holidays.  

Champaign County Municipal Court

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