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Ohio’s Driver’s License Points System

Ohio’s Points System 

Ohio operates on a driver’s license points system.  As an Ohio driver, you are allowed twelve (12) points within a two (2) year period.  Points are calculated under Ohio Revised Code Sections 4510.037 through 4510.038.  Driving privileges are often available for suspensions and an attorney knowledgeable about the nuances of the BMV can assist you with either appealing your suspension or obtaining driving privileges to ensure that you do not lose your job.

How Do Point License Suspensions Happen in Ohio?

If you get too many points against your driving record within a certain period of time, you will lose your Ohio driver’s license through a “12 point suspension.”  Every time you are convicted of a traffic offense, the court notifies the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) of the conviction.

A “conviction” occurs when you:

  • Plead guilty,

  • Pay the speeding or other traffic ticket,

  • A default judgment is entered against you for failure to appear or respond to the traffic ticket in court, or

  • Accept a plea bargain.

Each traffic conviction causes a set number of points to be placed on your Ohio traffic record.  If there are enough points on your record to cause a suspension, your Ohio drivers license will be suspended.

How Many Points Are Assessed For Each Traffic Offense?

A chart describing the number of points added to your Ohio driving record for each traffic offense conviction is found on our Columbus Traffic Violations page.

Is There Anything You Can Do If You Are Getting Close to the 12 Point Limit?

At any time before accumulating twelve (12) points, an Ohio driver who has two (2) or more points may earn a two (2) point credit by taking a remedial driving class.   You are permitted to receive one two (2) point credit in any three (3) year period, and up to five (5) two point credits in a lifetime.   This two (2) point credit does not reduce the number of points you have — but it does give you some leeway and allow you to accumulate 14 points before imposing a license suspension.

Remember, though, that  you cannot get points credit if the driving class is imposed by a court as a condition for the return of your driving privileges.

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