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What “Clues” are Ohio Officers Looking for on the “Walk and Turn” OVI Field Sobriety Test?

walk and turn line ovi dui clues ohio columbus attorney

walk and turn line ovi dui clues ohio columbus attorney

When administering field sobriety tests, one of the first tests officers will do with OVI suspects is the “walk and turn” test.  In this test, the officer asks the suspect to walk on a line taking nine steps forward, pivot on one foot in a circle and then take nine steps back.  

The officer at the scene doesn’t tell you what he is looking for during this test, so it can be easy to “fail” the walk and turn test even if you are not impaired. 

The “clues” of impairment Ohio officers are looking for include:

(1) Did the suspect begin walking to soon (before being told to begin)?

(2) Did he move his feet for balance?

(3) Did he raised his arms for balance?

(4) Did he did walk heel-to-toe?

(5) Did he stepped off the line?

(6) Did he pivot in a circle as the officer demonstrated? 

(7) Did he stop while walking?

(8) Did he take the right number of steps (9)?

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