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Wapakoneta & Auglaize County Criminal, DUI/OVI, Traffic Attorney


Wapakoneta is a city Auglaize County, Ohio and the Auglaize County Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all criminal and traffic cases arising within the county. Wapakoneta’s location, where Interstate 75 intersects with US-33, gives rise to a number of criminal and traffic cases.

Tickets and criminal charges that occur in Auglaize County, issued from the local police departments and Ohio Highway Patrol, will be heard in the Auglaize County Municipal Court in Wapakoneta. The Auglaize County Municipal Court has two branches – one in Wapakoneta and one in St. Mary’s. Where your case is heard depends on where in Auglaize County the case originated.

The Auglaize County Municipal Court is presided over by Judge R. Andrew Augsburger.

If you are facing a traffic or criminal charge that occurred as a result of a crime or traffic offense in Wapakoneta or Auglaize County, talk to our attorneys about possible defenses to your charges.

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