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Worthington Traffic Ticket Attorney | Worthington Speeding Law

 Is it Worth it to Fight My Worthington Traffic Ticket?

Paying your ticket in Worthington is an admission of guilt, which will result in automatic points on your license for a moving violation, possibly higher insurance premiums, and possible license suspension (depending on how many points are already on your license).

Additionally, if you are a professional driver or CDL holder, keeping your traffic record clean could mean keeping your job.

Depending on the facts of your case and your prior traffic record, , our Worthington traffic ticket attorneys may be able to help get the points reduced, or the speeding or traffic ticket charges reduced or dismissed.  Call our Worthington traffic lawyers now (614) 361-2804 for a free consultation.

Do I Have to Appear in Court to Fight My Worthington Traffic or Speeding Ticket?

Fighting a traffic ticket in Worthington on your own could require multiple court appearances, while some traffic offenses have mandatory court appearance in the Worthington Mayor’s Court.

Why take time off work when our Worthington traffic attorneys can appear for you in court?  Call us now at (614) 361-2804 and talk directly to our Worthington traffic ticket lawyer.

What Kinds of Traffic Cases Do Our Lawyers Handle in the Worthington Mayor’s Court?

Our clients in Worthington traffic lawyers face a wide variety of traffic charges.  Examples include: