If you are faced with a DUI / OVI or other criminal charge in Whitehall, contacting an experienced local Ohio attorney is essential.  Depending on the facts of your case, a variety of defenses may be available that you and your attorney should consider.  

As experienced OVI lawyers serving Whitehall, Ohio, we will examine all aspects of your OVI case to determine whether the arresting officer properly followed all of the proper protocols.  In the case of an OVI, for example, we will examine whether the officer issued all required warnings, properly administered all of the roadside field sobriety tests, and performed the search, tests and arrest lawfully.

At Riddell Law, we have extensive experience representing clients faced with DUI, OVI and other criminal charges in jury trials, bench trials and motion hearings.  As experienced attorneys serving Whitehall, Ohio, we have successfully represented clients facing drunk driving, traffic and criminal charges throughout Central Ohio, including in Whitehall Mayor’s Court, in cases ranging from speeding to first-time 1st offense OVI offenses to repeat drunk driving offenses as well as felony DUI cases that can carry significant penalties, including jail or prison time.


Riddell Law provides representation on all driving under the influence cases.  Once a client is arrested for an OVI in Whitehall, if the client took a breath test over the limit or refused a breath test, their license will be automatically suspended by the BMV.  

One of the first tasks we do for our clients is seek to get them driving again as soon as possible.  This could include seeking a stay of the Administrative License Suspension, seeking driving privileges, or challenging the ALS suspension in the Whitehall Mayor’s Court.

There are many potential charges in OVI cases in Whitehall.  The most common OVI-related charges in Whitehall include:

  • Whitehall OVI Code Section 333.01(a)(1)(A).  This is Whitehall’s general OVI law.  It prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or any “drug of abuse.”


At Riddell Law, we regularly represent clients facing DUI / OVI, traffic and other criminal misdemeanor charges.

The Whitehall Mayor’s Court hears traffic cases and other misdemeanor charges that occurred in Whitehall, including DUI / OVI cases.  In Whitehall, your case will be heard by a magistrate appointed by the mayor.

Ohio Mayor’s Courts, including the Whitehall Mayor’s Court, are not courts of record and are not authorized to conduct jury trials.  However, if you have been charged with a DUI or criminal offense in Whitehall would like a jury to hear your case, then your attorney can assist you with transferring the case to the Franklin County Municipal Court.  
In fact, a defendant can opt to transfer his or her case to the Franklin County Municipal Court at any time for any reason.  Further, if a defendant is convicted in the Whitehall Mayor’s Court, he or she may appeal their conviction to the Franklin County Municipal Court.

There may be some advantages, however, to having your case heard in the Mayor’s Court.  For example, a hearing in mayor’s court is generally more informal, may have evening hours, and may be more conveniently located than the Franklin County Municipal Court.There are both pros and cons to having your case heard in the the Mayor’s Court, depending on your specific situation.  Consulting with an experienced Ohio OVI attorney practicing regularly on this issue is critical to ensure the best possible outcome given the circumstances of your case.Typically, if you hire Riddell Law as your attorney, we will consult with you and advise whether it is best based on the facts of your case to have your case heard in the Whitehall Mayor’s Court, or to transfer the case to the Franklin County Municipal Court.

After your first court appearance (which is called your “arraignment”), we will continue to gather information about the facts of your case, evaluate possible flaws in the prosecution’s case, and negotiate with the prosecutor for a favorable resolution of your case.  If negotiations fail, we will conduct motion hearings and a trial as necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.

 To begin the process and discuss representation for your Whitehall, Ohio DUI / OVI, speeding, traffic or criminal charge, call us at 614-361-2804. Because we know DUI and criminal charges rarely happen during 9:00-5:00 working hours, Attorney Douglas Riddell is there to take your call after hours, on evenings, weekends, and holidays.  

 Whitehall Mayor’s Court

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