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What Happens if You Leave a Gas Station Without Paying in Ohio (“Pump and Run”)?

Leaving Gas Station Without Paying Ohio Pump and Run

Ohio Misdemeanor: Leaving Gas Station Without Paying 

If you pump gas and then leave without paying – intentionally or not – it is a crime in the state of Ohio.  

The crime of “pump and run” is a first degree misdemeanor in Ohio and is governed under R.C. 2913(B)(10).

The crime is defined as:

“causing a motor vehicle to leave” a gas station without “making full payment for gasoline that was dispensed into the fuel tank” or into another container.

Leaving Gas Station Without Paying Ohio Pump and Run

Ohio Penalties for Pump and Run (Leaving Gas Station Without Paying)

Possible penalties for leaving a gas station without paying in Ohio include:

  • Up to $1000 fine
  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • Up to 6 months driver’s license suspension (for a first offense)
  • If previously convicted of “pump and run”, driver’s license suspension of between 6 months and one year.  
  • Community service (in lieu of a license suspension)

If you have been charged with a “pump and run” (leaving a gas station without paying) in the Columbus area, talk to one of our theft attorneys about your options to avoid license suspensions and other serious penalties.