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Mason Ohio Speeding & Traffic Tickets

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    Mason Traffic Ticket Attorney

    You have been pulled over for speeding or other traffic violation in the City of Mason or Deerfield Township. What next?

    First, the stop itself.  The first rule of thumb is to make the stop as unmemorable as possible.  Comply fully with the officer’s requests and try to keep your cool.  Even if you think that the stop was unfair or that you were wrongfully pulled over, the time for arguing is in the courtroom by your attorney — not on the side of the road.

    If the Mason or Ohio State Highway Patrol officer asks you any questions about your speed, how much you have had to drink, or any other facts about your actions, remember that you do not have to answer (the right to remain silent).  Other than providing your license and registration, you do not need to disclose anything else during the stop.  Again, however, be as polite as possible even if refusing to answer.  You can always say that you would like to speak with your attorney before answering any further questions.

    Our firm handles all traffic violations in Mason, including for example:


    When issued a speeding or traffic citation, a court or pay by date will generally be written on the ticket.  The driver must either pay the fine or show up to the Mason Municipal Court (depending on the charge).

    If you decide to hire a Mason traffic attorney, your attorney will generally appear on our behalf at your first court date (your “arraignment”).  At that time, your lawyer will begin negotiations with the City of Mason Prosecutor and will usually request discovery (any information that the Prosecutor has against you).  We will analyze potential defenses to your charges.  For example, if the officer paced you, there may be potential defenses if the officer paced you improperly.

    Your attorney will continue negotiations toward the goal of either dismissal of the ticket entirely, reduction to a lesser charge or a reduction of the ticket to a no-point or lesser-point offense.   If these goals cannot be achieved through negotiation, then a trial may be necessary.

    If you would like advice on your City of Mason Ohio speeding ticket or other Mason traffic charge, contact our Mason traffic attorneys today at (513) 655-7240.