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Need a Grove City Traffic Ticket Attorney?

If you have received a traffic ticket or speeding traffic in Grove City, Ohio, you have several options.  For a FREE consultation with a Grove City Traffic Ticket Attorney about your ticket, please call (614) 361-2804.

Our Grove City traffic attorneys handle all Grove City traffic cases, for example:

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Is it Worth it to Hire An Attorney to Fight My Grove City Traffic Ticket?

If you receive a traffic ticket, depending on the type of ticket, you have several options:

A)  You can pay the fine for the citation and have points assessed to your driving record (if charged with a moving violation); or

B) You can fight the ticket on your own or have an attorney represent you toward having the points or charges reduced or the ticket dismissed.

The consequences for choosing one option over another depend on your driving record and the type of citation issued.  If you are a professional driver or need to otherwise drive for your occupation, having a clean record may be critical.  

A Grove City traffic ticket attorney may help you make an informed decision on how to proceed and may ultimately be able to handle your case without you having to set foot in a court room. 

Most traffic tickets carry 2 points.  Click here for a full list of points assessed for various traffic offenses in Ohio.  Once you reach 12 points, your Ohio license will be suspended by the BMV.

For a FREE consultation with a Grove City traffic lawyer about your ticket, please call (614) 361-2804.

Grove City Traffic Violations

Grove City – like other local municipalities in Ohio – has its own codified ordinances governing traffic violations.  Most of these ordinances closely mirror the state statute, but some Grove City traffic laws may differ slightly from Ohio’s state laws.

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If you have been issued a traffic citation or traffic ticket in Grove City, Ohio and would like to contact a local attorney, please call 614-361-2804.  Consultations are absolutely FREE and completely confidential.